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Email Marketing is a method of marketing products or services using messaging usually targeted at a   specific group of people, using email.

Email marketing is an effective, valuable and inexpensive way for businesses (small, medium and Large) to reach large audiences in order to promote their products or services while creating  brand awareness, building trust and creating loyalty. Email marketing allows them to communicate to existing customers, introduce themselves to prospective customers and promote special offers, discounts and deals. Email marketing also provides a mechanism for businesses to develop and maintain a relationship with their customer base and prospects. Creating relevant, effective and useful content is extremely important. The biggest pitfall to avoid is spamming. Spamming can put you on backlists(lists used to block IP addresses associated with spamming) so creating and maintaining solid email lists and using them responsibly will help you to achieve your goals. Keeping these things in mind can help you create successful email marketing campaigns.

One way the avoid being blacklisted is to use opt-in email advertising, or permission email marketing. Opt-in email marketing is advertising via email whereby the recipient of the advertisement has consented to receive it.

One example of permission email marketing is a newsletter. A newsletter sent to the customers of a company or organization is an effective way to inform them of upcoming events or promotions, or new products. A company or organization that wants to send a newsletter to their customers may ask for their consent either at the point of sale of a purchase or offer opt-in consent on their website to receive their newsletter.

With a list of opted-in contacts in their contact database, marketers can send out promotional information automatically using autoresponders. They can also create customer categories to allow for specific or targeted messages to be sent to associated groups.

Legal requirements: It’s important to note that some countries have anti-spam laws which spell out the rules and regulations to follow when sending marketing emails. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with these rules and regulations before sending out email campaigns.

Email Marketing Services vs. Create, Manage and Run your Own Email Campaigns: There are different ways to create and send out email campaigns.

  • Create, Manage, and Run your Own Email Campaigns: You can create your own email campaigns and send them from your own servers. Some of the things to consider before using this method:
    • Can your server handle the volume?
    • Do you have compliance checks in place to make sure you’re conforming to the appropriate spam regulatory compliance laws?
    • Will your server IP address get blacklisted for spam?
    • Do you have email tracking and analytics in place to give you valuable insights on the effectiveness of your campaigns?
    • Do you have subscriber management in place so that users can opt-in, opt-out and self-manage other aspects of their subscription?
    • Cost: Sending out email campaigns using your own servers can be relatively free but you have to consider the cost of having all of the infrastructure, automation, checks, subscriber automation, analytics, reporting, etc. in place. 
  • Email Marketing Services and using an Email Service Provider (ESP): Using an Email Service Provider(ESP) along with email marketing services can be an effective and relatively inexpensive way to create and manage your email campaigns. Here are some things to consider:  
    • Email volume. Email Service Provider’s (ESP’s) have the infrastructure in place to handle large volumes.
    • Email tracking: Email Service Provider’s (ESP’s) provide sophisticated tracking and analysis collection and reporting. This will track important aspects of your email campaign like: Who opened the email, what links they clicked on, what email addresses got kicked-back(bounced) and why, and who unsubscribed, etc.
    • Email Contact List Management: Email Service Provider’s (ESP’s) typically provide email contact list management tools. This includes email address contact collection widgets(contact form presented on a website with form fields to be filled out by users), a contact database table for storing and managing your email contacts, category tools to allow you to segment your email contacts into groups, email contact list import and export tools to allow for email contact list portability.
    • Subscriber Management: Email Service Provider’s (ESP’s) typically provide a subscriber management feature that allows subscribers to self-manage all of their subscription and account settings.
    • Spam Rules and Regulations Safeguards: Email Service Provider’s (ESP’s) typically provide features s that help customers stay compliant with various email marketing rules and regulations. Some of the features are: An unsubscribe process, subscription management for permission-based email marketing campaign registration and unsubscribing, email address removal to remove email addresses that are no longer valid or for those who have complained.
    • Campaign Automation: Email Service Provider’s (ESP’s) typically provide features that allow you to schedule a one-time or reoccurring campaign or schedule multiple campaigns. They provide automated tracking reports and many other automated features.
    • Design Templates: Email Service Provider’s (ESP’s) typically provide design templates that allow you to design, customize & personalize your email campaign’s. They usually provide many different templates that cover almost every scenario.
    • Pricing: Email Service Provider’s (ESP’s) can be relatively inexpensive. Many ESP’s offer tiered pricing(each pricing tier has a maximum number of emails that can be sent per month and/or a maximum number of email subscribers that you can send to). The tiers are pretty generous as it relates to the cost. Many ESP’s offer a free tier (limited by the number of emails that can be sent per month and/or the number of subscribers).

Email Marketing Services are also available. Email Marketing Campaign experts keep current on techniques to determine what the most effective content should be included in your messaging to engage your target audience. They also help you to setup and manage your email marketing campaign.

We can help!  

We provide one of the most comprehensive email marketing services available in the industry. Our refined email marketing solutions are effective and affordable. We provide email marketing services and solutions that accommodate individuals and companies of all sizes.

Our email marketing campaigns are tailored to the specific needs of you or your business. We want to help you to grow and we understand the importance of being cost effective. Our campaigns can target your community while also helping you to generate sales locally and nationally.

Here are some of the major Email Service Provider (ESP) platforms that we work with(Note: We can work with any Email Service Provider (ESP) platform even if your preferred platform is not listed below).

MailChimp, Constant Contact, SendinBlue, SendGrid, Drip, AWeber, HubSpot, GetResponse, ConvertKit and many more.

AllWeb Solution’s email marketing services provide full setup, implementation and management services. We will address all of the following critical elements:

  • DISCOVERY: We provide a FREE needs assessment and will recommend the appropriate solution including an email marketing management package along with a choice of recommended ESP platforms that meet your requirements and budget.
  • REPORTING IMPLEMENTATION: Open Rates, Click-through rates (CTR), Conversion Rates, Bounce Rates, Unsubscribes, etc.
  • EMAIL TEMPLATE(s) DESIGN: Template design is based on your requirements.
  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN: All templates are developed to optimally display on different devices and browsers.
  • EMAIL TEMPLATE IMPLEMENTATION and DEPLOYMENT: We will prepare your template to be production ready and setup delivery scheduling.
  • WEBSITE INTEGRATION: Setup of subscriber signup form on your website that will integrate with your email campaign contact database table.
  • OVERVIEW and TRAINING: We provide training as part of turnover if you want manage the campaign(s) going forward. Or, we provide management services if you’d like us mange the campaign(s) going forward.   
  • Additional Services:
    • WEBSITE BLOG POSTING INTEGRATION: Setup of email campaign integration with your website blog.

Our experienced email marketing services team will build an ideal email marketing strategy for you and then execute it to achieve maximize results.

To learn more about our email marketing services or to get our pricing or the get answers to any questions, please click the Contact Us button below.

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